Who We Are


About the Company:

LaMar Construction Inc. specializes in building and remodeling unique custom homes. With more than 26 years of proven experience and knowledge, we have successfully built, managed and completed many extraordinary homes for our clients. At LaMar Construction we pride ourselves as being a team of professionals that enjoy the complex building process and welcome its challenges. We work with tenacity and enthusiasm for our clients, architects and their project. Our attention to detail and expedient service have given us a reputation of completing high quality homes on time and on budget. 

When LaMar Construction makes first contact with our clients we establish and encourage continuous communication to help them feel comfortable and involved and help us understand their vision and desires. Once your needs and desires are established we work hard to fulfill them and ensure that your project is completed safely and successfully.

The extent of experience and collective talent of the LaMar Construction Inc. team results in a superior finished home. Our field staff of Project Managers and Superintendents have extensive construction experience either as a General Contractor or Trade Specialist. They have a passion for construction and stay with us for years. We hire experts who focus on customer satisfaction.


Our Philosophy:

Our approach is extremely human. We understand the myriad of complexities that go into building a new house. Who hasn't heard one of those terrible construction stories of fear and frustration some clients face.


We have fine-tuned our process over the years to address the things that underpin those fears and frustrations. Will your project finish on time? Will it come in on budget? Will you be treated with respect? Our process relies on one critical idea and that is we trust you and you trust us. That one principle carries us across every project, no matter what the challenges.


Nothing beats doing what you love for people you admire and then getting paid for it.

Life is simply too short to not enjoy what you do and who you do it for. It is that human connection that makes us all gel and create an amazing team of professionals and craftsman.


Our Interest:

We love a challenge and thrive on client satisfaction. We are excellent at value engineering to ensure the Client is receiving the best product at the best value. Our affinity of new materials, construction methods and energy efficiency is paramount to us. We strive to incorporate these values in all of our projects. 

Mark LaMar- President 

Mark LaMar has been involved in the construction industry since he was nine years old. His father instilled in him a work ethic that is rare. Marks’ hands on experience with the many facets of the construction industry gives him practical knowledge that he brings to his projects and subcontractors. Combined with his eye for design and attention to detail he is able to seamlessly schedule even the most challenging projects.



Mark is a talented builder and his passion for what he does is recognized by all his clients. Read some of the testimonials from his clients and you will see a theme that he has integrity is trustworthy, a pleasure to work with and they would recommend Mark to their friends and family. You can also talk to a client or tour a home to get a feel for his work.



Licensed Contractor since 1989

Consulting Expert Witness for the Construction Industry




  Blaine Prescott- Project Manager



Blaine Prescott is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, he moved to California in 1994 for warmer weather and the booming economy. Blaine has been in the construction industry for over 26 years, during this time he has amassed a plethora of knowledge and skills. Blaine has framed homes from the ground up, knows plumbing, electrical and is a Master Finish Carpenter. Blaine has been with LaMar Construction for over13 years. During his time here he has displayed uncompromising loyalty, integrity & commitment and most important, he has always put the client and there needs first.


“Being raised in the Midwest, taught me respect and attention to detail in all endeavors whether it be interactions with people or the task at hand. I've spent the last 26 years honing a craft which I find to be rewarding in every way. On a daily basis I work with Client, Architect, Engineers and subcontractor. I've personally attended to all aspects of the building process and logistics I will not hesitate to jump in on any task to benefit the project. I was fortunate enough during the early years to have mentors in the trades that realized my potential. I quickly learned the importance of attention to detail and smart enough to understand it’s priceless value. As I was told by my first Journeyman many years ago, if you wouldn't do it on your own home, why would you do it on a client’s, Sage advice that I have followed ever since”.