Mount Residence

Mount Residence- Palo Alto, Caftsman Style 


This new Build it Green: Green Point rated home  is approx. 2,700 sq ft with 4 bedrooms & 3 1/2 bathrooms.


 "Mark built a 4 bedroom house for me in Palo Alto. The architect is a real artist and made an outstanding design, and did them by hand. The down side to hand-drawn blue prints is that you don't get the auto-correction computers give. When Mark saw the roof angle brought gave the stairway only 5 and half feet of head clearance, he and the framers adjusted to make it right The project went smoothly. 

Speaking of which, Mark has chosen an outstanding crew to perform work for him. It started with the concrete crew. While I don't know concrete well, a fellow from the neighborhood was walking his dog and said that he's a retired contractor. He watched the concrete crew with doing their work and said that they were extremely skilled, doing things he hadn't seen elsewhere. Likewise the framers. They caught problems early and were very flexible in fixing them. When they put in the siding, my neighbor heard them talking. "You cut this 1/4 inch too short. Do it again." Outstanding. You can see the craftsmanship throughout the house."

Architect- Louis Dorchich

Photography by- Stacy Geiken